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Dec 2009

Updated PR and Links Page


Added Yazoo Reconnected EP Amazon review and Freemantle story to PR page. Click here to navigate to the page.


Nov 2009

Discogs Now feature Subway Collective Releases


Discogs, the online community-built database of music information now feature all the Yazoo releases that featured Subway Collective remixes.  This includes the Yazoo Reconnected EP CD promo, iTunes digital download release and the Yazoo Remixes 7 track Promo and digital download. Discogs includes discographies of all labels, all artists and are all cross-referenced.  The Reconnected release is still available on a number of sites including iTunes and Amazon.

Aug 2009

Subway Collective feat. Heaton track used by Freemantle Media


International production company, Freemantle Media, responsible for programmes such as American Idol, The X Factor and The Bill have approached Subway Collective & Heaton to use one of their tracks in their new online drama series Freak. The track "Breathe" was featured on the unofficial album release from Heaton entitled 'Interlude' but was then given an official release as a bonus track on Heaton's Don't Wanna Be Lonely single in 2007. The company discovered the track whilst searching for artists on the social networking site MySpace.

FREAK is a coming of age story targeting teenagers and young adults. The series will play for 8 weeks (2 episodes a week) on MySpace this summer, from July 20 to September 10. Six advertising partners - including Procter & Gamble - are reportedly paying up to £250,000 to have their names integrated into the storyline, and observers believe such an approach could prove popular. The track "Breathe" is also available on the 2007 Heaton Single "Don't Wanna Be Lonely".  Listen and download now from iTunes.

Jul 2009

Apologies for the lack of news


Due to illness Jonna - Subway frontman and main writer has had to take time out from writing and recording.  Hopes are to return to writing and some new work to be highlighted on here including a brand new project / collaboration under a new guise (?) by the end of the year.  We wish Jonna all the best with his recovery in the meantime and will update more news as soon as we hear.



Jan 2009

Happy New Year - New Links Section and catch up


Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. This month the links page has been updated to include a few of the bands favourite websites including thesameplace, and Mute records to name a few. 


The band have taken some extra time to master the tracks that were being worked towards the end of last year - "Fall" and "Thowaway Girl".  Clips of these should be on the site next month. 



For information on last years news including Subway Collectives official remixes for Yazoo through Mute records, their project studio build or press interviews please click on the archive at the top of the page or on any of the pictures below.