LATEST NEWS [archive-2007]
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Sept 07

Welcome to the new site


Pull up a chair while we introduce you to all the latest news about the
Subway Collective and information about this new site.

This new interactive site features constantly evolving pages which ensure a different feel each time visitors log on. We will regularly add new content including video, new remixes, pictures and interesting interactive content. One of which is the new keyboard. See if you can find and play with that on this new website.

The overall feel of this site is more user friendly. The most visited pages were always the Latest news and Audio galleries and hence these two appear first on the navigation. Also included are video images of the band, the first being a welcome from Jonna. Other video clips will be added over time and will include clips of the band in the studio and of their first two videos.

The Services link now takes you to – a new web based musical services company that feature many of the artists talents who have been involved with the band over the years. We hope you will enjoy taking a look at this site and if anyone would like to join the sameplace to promote their music or creative services you will find details of how to do this on the site.

Check out all the pages, as there are plenty of new things to discover.

May 07

Alison Moyet relaunch


Alison Moyet relaunched her official website in May 2007- which will be managed by Jonna Foss from subwaycollective, Steve Coats and crow corvine - the team who launched and developed the site. The three have worked closely with Alison over the last 3 and a half years and are looking forward to bringing the vibe and energy created through AMCO to AMCOM




Have been working on a remixing tracks from Yazoo's classic Upstairs at Eric's. So far the tracks Only You, Dont Go, Bad Connection, Too Pieces and i before e except after c, have been given the subwaycollective remix treatement. More news on that soon.