Equipment list

Outboard gear used:-

DSI's Prophet 08 SE

Alesis Micron keyboard
Sequential Circuits Pro One keyboard

Waldorf Pulse rack unit

Korg MS20 keyboard controller
Roland SH02 keyboard

Roland SH09 keyboard
Cheetah MS6 X2
Alesis SR16 drum machine

Casio VLTone
Korg DDD1 drum machine
Sony DPS-D7 Delay unit

Sony DPS-R7 Reverb unit
Roland Dep5 Delay unit
Tascam MM1 mixer x2

Behringer PX3000 patchbays X2
EV ND767a mic
Focusrite Voicemaster
Kenton Pro2 midi/cv converter X2

FastLane USB 2in/2out midi interface

M-Audio Delta44 4in/4out audio card

KRK RP6 Monitors ltd edition white

Tascam MM1 24 trk keyboard mixer

Sony TCD D100 DAT Recorder

Sony TCD-D8 Portable DAT Recorder

Quiklok RS954 20 unit rack stand

Quiklok QL690 5 tier keyboard mount

A selection of G5 software

Apple G5

Cubase SX

Propellorheads Reason 4

Legacy Cell -Korg Legacy Collection

PolySix - Korg Legacy Collection

MS20 - Korg Legacy Collection

ImpOSCar plug in - GForce

Absynth 4.0 - Native Instruments

The Grand - Steinberg

Prophet 52 - Native Instruments

PPG Wave 2 - Waldorf

Prophet 08 editor

Pulse Editor

Bias Peak 3.2

Waves - various

Atari STFM 1040

Atari STFM - Cubase


Apple iPad2 / iPhone 4s

Apple Mac G5 Tower dual 2gig
PowerMac G4
Powerbook G4
Atari STFM & SM124 monitor
Propellerheads Reason 4.0.1
Cubase SX 3
Bias Peak 3.2
Apple Garageband
Korg Legacy Collection + controller

Various VST instruments and plug ins incl:-

Steinberg The Grand

Waldorf PPGWave

Native Instruments Prophet52

GForce ImpOSCar


Native Instruments Absynth

Korg Legacy Collection

iOS Apps incl:-

Blip Interactive NanoStudio


Korg iMS-20








Some of the bands favourite outboard gear

The latest & greatest analogue monster - the Prophet 08 SE

Sequential Circuits Pro One

Korg MS20 controller

Another new baby- Alesis Micron

Roland SH02

Roland SH09

The Lovely Cheetah MS6's

Fat and thin Waldorf Pulse

Akai S300XL Sampler

Kenton Pro 2000 midi to cv converter

Sony DPS-D7 delay

Sony DPS-R7 reverb

Roland Dep5

Focusrite Voicemaster

Behringer PX3000

Alesis SR16 & Korg DDD1 drum machines

The bands first synth... of sorts.. the Casio VLTone

KRK RP6 nearfield powered monitors

Tascam MM1 keyboard mixer